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Logo of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization providing nature conservation education to all countries on Earth Signature of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation, international charitable nonprofit organization Bear Springs Blossom works hard to keep earth beautiful: News of the environment help to save money. Environmental advice, web-pages, quizzes, science articles, conservation for kids, all offered by international charitable nonprofit Bear Springs blossom Nature Conservation BSB. BSB research clearly shows how important it is to keep earth beautiful + clean. Keep Earth healthy is our mission, reduce climate change, nature conservation, nature education, lower earth temperatures, lower CO2 carbon dioxide levels on Earth, fight air pollution,  protect Earth's atmosphere + oceans. What is going on in Earth's environment. BSB offers news on environmental issues, to see the big picture, to have a better life. Updated conservation news help to stay up to date, to have the information for educated decisions. Bear Springs Blossom Breaking conservation news on nature conservation that report violations on air pollution, water pollution. BSB breaking news has to report bad behavior, destruction of nature, polluting air, soil and water, all the time. News on Ocean conservation + Water conservation is needed for protection of all life, flora + fauna on Earth. News on environmental changes in oceans worldwide hint to the coming changes for humans. Read BSB conservation news online about how to secure your future, how to stay alive with violent weather, floods, earthquakes storms. Nature conservation news tells you about Earth' environment. Environmental news to protect air + water + soil + food. BSB-research published in these news helps to keep Nature beautiful + to secure our future, to have a better life!
Why Keep Earth Beautiful
Earth changes

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Keep Earth Clean

Keep Earth clean with more Recycling =
Better Air + water quality + food quality
Our charitable nonprofit organization 501(c)(3) offers over 1000+ BSB web-pages - update your knowledge!

We care for humans, so we need to care for our Earth
We express this task with our motto Keep Earth beautiful
Keep Earth clean with Recycling
BSB Nature conservation online: Garbage does not make Earth beautiful. What you see is not all trash, a contaminated dirty beach: many things are resources = recyclables that should be recycled, re-used, to lower land pollution, air pollution and to keep earth clean
Recycling reduces Air pollution!
Recycling reduces Water contamination
Recycling extends natural resources!
Recycle and save money
Recycle and have a better life
Recycling secures the future
of our children and grandchildren

How important is RECYCLING?

Reuse - reduce - rebuy - recycle

Recycling works best when materials are sorted: see the different types of materials that are use in bottles
On the bottom of bottles you find this information
You can see the different types of materials

Nature education online to keep Earth beautiful: recycling helps us to reduce air + water contamination, to manufacture materials from recyclables saves energy to keep earth clean
Recycling reduces air pollution + water contamination
recycling reduces the need for natural resources, and gives our children the chance to have some resources left and keeps Earth cleaner
when you recycle you save money and help nature, help your children to have better air and safer water
Recycling gives our children a chance to use natural resources

We are often asked, why some countries ask their citizens to sort out recyclables and other countries like the US mostly use mixed recycling programs.
The answer is quite easy:
It is a question of convenience.
When people sort their recyclables, they do the work and the city or county gets more money for the recycled material.
When people throw everything in one box, someone else does the work and the city or county gets less money for the recycled material.
Bear Springs Blossom Nature conservation sorts recyclables to keep earth clean, to lower the costs, to provide more nature conservation through education, to clean up Earth's environment, to extend natural resources
BSB Quiz on why how to recycle, why recycling is important and why recycling saves money now and in the long run, from paper to card board, from glass to plastic, from electronics to cars, everything can be reused or recycled - read quiz questions, get answers with quizzesHave fun with our recycling quiz

Good news from from some US states:
Hawaii banned plastic bags!
NC passed a law banning plastic bottles from landfills.
The new law will encourage the people to think about what they are throwing away and what to recycle.
Municipalities and private haulers will have to establish some sort of recycling program in their community. That could be accomplished through drop boxes at set locations.
There are big hopes the law has a positive impact.
Awareness of recycling will grow, natural resources will be saved.
There is an industry-wide shortage for used plastic bottles, new programs will lower the cost for the manufacturers.

Nature education is still missing in many states, so in this case the new law will replace the need for knowledge. But there are chances an advertisement campaign across the TV will fill the gap of missing information/education.

Other recyclable materials are also banned from state landfills, including aluminum cans, wooden pallets and glass alcohol and beverage containers.
"We want people to know they cannot legally bury these things in a landfill," a state official said "They are valuable commodities. Recycling helps us to import less foreign oil."

We applaud this new law as a step in the right direction, but we would prefer better informed citizens,
who need no law
to show responsibility for the next generation.

Please give us your thoughts
just click on the email button

* 36% of the commercial workforce goes to work in an office building each day

* 21% of all energy is consumed by offices

* A typical business office will produce about 1.7 pounds of paper waste per employee each day

* The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year + per person!++

The impact of one individual is not big, but in the masses we make a difference!

We each drink water or soda or something in a can or bottle everyday,
we all use paper at some level, and
we almost all drive to work or pay for a taxi, a bus or a train
all these are emitting greenhouse emissions

Why do we tell you these numbers?
You, and your office have great impact on the environment - have a great impact on life on Earth.

You can choose to make that a positive or negative impact - think about: it's up to you.

Should you choose to make a positive impact, talk to us and we will help you.
Work with us to reduce the amount that goes into our landfills -
Work with us to save natural resources for the next generation!

Many citizens have joined us! Become part of our environmentally friendly family!
Work with us to save some of our natural resources for the next generation for our kids, our grand children!

Members from all over the Americas, Asia, Canada, and
Europe have joined us to build a better future
for the next generation with healthy water and air,
healthy food, and responsible use of natural resources!

Nature Conservation is essential to secure a safe future!

We have only this one little planet EARTH to live on!
Let's take care of it, save it for the next generation.

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation works hard to secure our children's future!!

Become a member - learn to understand!
learn ONLINE - learn whenever you have the time!!

Better informed people can make better decisions! (and they can lower their monthly bills)

Use our 1000+ web-pages - we provide information + ask your question by email!

BSB works on an international level.

Join our family of responsible Humans! Perform a Lifestyle of Health and Sustainability!

When we protect Nature, we protect ourselves!
Recycling helps
to reduce air pollution
to reduce water pollution
to reduce water contamination
to extend natural resources
it saves money!

We explain how to recycle and why recycling is very important.

Recycling and buying recycled products while using renewable energy help us to be less vulnerable to foreign oil producers and helps us with less air pollution and less water contamination!

Show responsibility!
what can I do, recycling is a big part to reduce pollution, recycled aluminum saves energy, recycling reduces mining, reduces water pollution

Take action!

Pollution is earth's biggest problem - reduce pollution with recycling, recycled products are less harmful, reducing air pollution helps to keep earth clean Bear Springs Blossom nature Conservation takes action on Climate change, violent climate is endangering our life. Climate change endangers our food supply and our drinking water. Changing climate changes the air we breath, the way we travel, the way we drive. our non profit group B+S+B provides different solution to all these worldwide problems, advice on the way we develop, tips on the way we live, help how to change climate change and reduce global temperatures. Global warming and climate change really endangering the future of our children and grandchildren, Climate change endangers our earth as we know it CO2 levels were never higher - CO2 carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas - an aerosol that works as an insulator in Earth's atmosphere trapping heat. CO2 causes warmer oceans, warmer temperatures, more hurricanes, violent weather - Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation fights pollution and high carbon dioxide levels with nature education and the use of renewable energy. We have to protect lake water rivers and oceans. We have to take action to protect the future of the next generation by lowering CO2 levels
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
BSB Conservation Education + lectures
Science based Nature education to keep earth beautiful: global issues include global warming, global dimming, global climate, global temperatures, international recycling, global oceans, global rainforests, international contamination, whales, coral reefs flora and fauna animals an plants international non profit Bear Springs Blossom nature conservation takes action on global dimming. Global dimming reduces the heating up of planet earth. Global Dimming is caused by the same factors that cause global warming and climate change: Burning fossil fuels in huge amounts. Air pollution with visual particles is reducing the greenhouse effect, because the sun cannot shine through all the smog. But all these pollutants  and aerosols are causing human illnesses as asthma, heart disease, respiratory sickness, cancer, Parkinson, Alzheimer globally. We have to take global action to come to solutions Your health is often endangered by contaminated food. Chemicals, pesticides, fungicides find their way into our food and water supply containing mercury, lead, perchlorate, antibiotics, hormones, and other chemicals - learn about healthy food, unpolluted drinking water, healthy air endangered species are found everywhere on earth. International protection is urgent to save many endangered animals in our oceans, our international education conservation group saves endangered birds, endangered animals in our nature preserve, endangered wild flowers and plants in our tropical and temperate rainforest, we protect endangered wildlife in all continents - endangered species are found - we try to save the earth, with environmental courses, and show conservation in our endangered wildlife conservation habitats. humans are on the endangered species list, international wildlife protection on land, Earth and in the water is needed. Take action to protect native plants, trees, birds. With our enormous use of fossil fuels and waste of energy we endanger our earth - the only home we have to live on - all living beings on earth will be endangered species

Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation BSB - Update your Nature education with BSB

One step more to protect your future: Work wiht us!! Together we will build a better future!
Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation members are informed humans,
who show responsibility for the next generation!
Every person can help and make a difference!

Live in Harmony with Nature + learn to understand! Butterflies are a good indicator for environmental damage, recycling helps the habitat of a butterfly, to keep earth clean Butterflies are a good indicator for a healthy environment!

Environmental online conservation education on how to fight pollution, how to lower human impact on earth. How to conserve water? Online classes explain environmentally friendly energy consumption, how to save money with insulation, green driving, solar energy, passive solar, led lights. International Nature conservation provides facts, answers + solutions Make a difference!

BSB members work to keep
Buenos Aires
Hunt TX
the Indus river
Danube river beautiful!!

BSB members
from North + South America, from Canada, Asia + Europe support BSB Conservation Education
BSB Education - BSB Nature preserve - Lectures
Conservation Education (CE) is the combination of two words that have become one word to educators.
CE is the ability to give people opportunities to grow in knowledge and create changes to their life style and their environment, to have a better life, to have a safer future!
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BSB Online Science education to keep earth beautiful: Biology, physics, geography by Bear springs blossom nature education. BSB answers nature education questions based on interdisciplinary science, water conservation for kids, water chemistry, water pollution, answers to see the big picture, to realize how Nature works, why we need knowledge to understand, water issues, updated nature education on recycling, pollution, earth maps, facts on climate, chemicals, healthy air. Why update your nature education? Earth's environment is changed by close to 7 billion humans. Pesticides are toxic. International Nature Conservation preserves Nature to keep humans alive. Conserve Nature to reduce air pollution, to slow down climate change. Solutions how to keep Nature beautiful through conservation. Earth's atmosphere makes life possible, protects life on Earth, conserves warmth, but is changed and endangered by human pollution. International Nature Conservation is needed to keep Nature beautiful, to preserve nature. An updated environmental education about conservation of the environment is essential. Updated environmental news online, science classes, land restoration workshops, how to conserve nature = Earth's environment, how to keep biodiversity, how to reduce habitat destruction in a global world. Deforestation is a global issue. Interdisciplinary science works with conservation facts, explains why disasters, floods + droughts occur. How clean water, volcano environment, and climate change are related. BSB offers pollution solutions, facts about pollution, facts on recycling, water facts, earth globe news on international soil conservation, and air conservation. International Nature conservation is important for human conservation. A BSB nature conservationist tries to save earth nature, reduces the effects of pollution, protects endangered species, does active recycling, works hard to keep earth beautiful
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Decades of Nature conservation + conservation education

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