Keep Earth beautiful keep Buenos Aires in Argentina beautiful is an important task for members of Bear Springs Blossom Nature Conservation
Keep Buenos Aires beautiful

Capital of Argentina - flag of Argentina - capital Buenos Aires = healthy air

Buenos Aires

(translated: good air)
Buenos Aires lies on the Rio del la plata
Mouth of Rio de la Plata with Buenos Aires

The Spanish navigator and explorer
Juan Diaz del Solis explorer of the Buenos Aires area
Juan Diaz de Solis
discovered the mouth of the Rio de la Plata in February 1516 searching for a shortcut to the Pacific.
In 1535 the Spanish conquistador Conquistador Pedro de Mendoza founded Buenos Aires
Pedro de Mendoza
colonized parts of Argentina.
He was made adelantado , governor, captain general and chief justice over New Andalusia.
His expedition started with 14 ships and 3000 soldiers at the Rio de la Plata and the Rio Paraguay.
The search for gold and silver was not successful, but he brought on his ships cattle from Spain which multiplied in the Pampa - building the basis of agriculture in Argentina.

Pedro de Mendoza founded on Feb. 2, 1536 Buenos Aires.
graphic of Buenos Aires Argentina
This old map shows the first houses in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Congress building
Argentine Congress

Today the city of Buenos Aires has over 3 mill inhabitants, in the Metropolitan area live over 14 mill people.

part of life in Buenos Aires is Tango
Sensual Moving
A way to mourn
A way to escape ..


started around 1870 in Buenos Aires by guest workers who missed their wives very much..

Recoleta is a very impressive cemetery in Buenos Aires
Recoleta Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina cemetery
not far from Recoleta you see this old trees
Not far from Recoleta these beautiful trees give shade and home for many birds

Reserva Ecologica Buenos Aires
Reserva Ecologica Buenos Aires Argentina
Enjoy Nature, see many birds, native plants
and animals.
Botanical Garden Buenos Aires
Botanical garden Buenos Aires
Botanical Garden Buenos Aires

Botanical Garden Buenos Aires

Fountain Buenos Aires
Fountain close to the Obelisc in Buenos Aires

mechanical flower Buenos Aires - symbol of international nature conservation to keep Earth beautiful
In the center of the Plaza Naciones Unidas = United Nations Plaza, in a 40-meter reflecting pool "grows" Floralis Generica.
It was built in 2002 as a gift from architect Eduardo Catalano. The use of the term 'Genérica' in its name suggests that it is a symbol of all flowers on Earth

dog-sitters in Buenos Aires
Dog sitters are seen very often in Buenos Aires

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