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Keep Hunt, TX beautiful

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Hunt Texas

A unique little town in the Texas Hill Country is Hunt.
location of Hunt Texas - many citizens try to keep Hunt beautiful
Hunt Texas is unincorporated located in western Kerr County

The settlement in the Texas Hill Country with its rugged limestone hills was originally named Japonica.
When the US Post Office was opened, the name was changed to Hunt, TX because Bob Hunt owned thousands of acres in this area.
The little town is located close to the North and South Forks of the Guadalupe River.
river in Kerr County Texas near Hunt, TX. Healthy creeks + rivers to keep Hunt beautiful
Many summer camps and attractions pull many visitors in the Hunt area. Swimming in the Guadalupe is a special treat, while Rodeos and a small replica of Stonehenge are worth while to visit. Several sub-divisions with lot sizes of 5 to 50 acre plots have attracted new residents from all over the US.
The landscape of Hunt was changed as most of the Texas Hill Country when overgrazing destroyed the natural ground cover and erosion washed away most of the top soil. The Texas Cedar - more correct Texas Juniper juniperus ashei was the only plant that could grow on the now bare limestone slopes. When you visit the Texas Hill Country today you will see millions of these junipers.
Bob Taylor and Peter Bonenberger in Hunt Texas - restoration of abused land, to keep Earth beautiful, to restore the beauty of Texas Hill Country creeks and rivers
Bob Taylor + Peter Bonenberger
restoration of land in Hunt, TX
Erosion control
Increasing bio-diversity
And trails to enjoy Nature
nature trails are beautiful to walk, help to maintain a Texas Hill Country property, reduce erosion, connect people to the outdoors, are just fun in nature
Land before restoration.
nature trails are beautiful to walk, help to maintain a wild property, reduce erosion, connect people to the outdoors, are just fun in nature, beautiful to walk
Some work is invested in a new Nature trail

nature trails are beautiful to walk, help to maintain a rugged property, reduce erosion, connect people to the outdoors, are just fun in nature
Nature trail in Hunt Texas

water is a big problem in the Texas Hill Country. Rainwater harvesting helps to reduce the amount of water pumped up from the aquifer, native plants grow better with rainwater, rainwater catchment systems reduce run off lowering erosion
Rainwater Harvesting equipment in Hunt Texas

Enjoy Nature, see many birds, native plants
and animals.
White tail deer in Hunt Texas for breakfast
Springs of the Guadelupe north of Hunt Texas winter 2017
Springs of the Guadalupe river North of Hunt Texas

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